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ok, i seem to have a problem with my bladder. when i pee (which is quite often now), as i am finishing it aches and my bladder feels really heavy, and almost like it will fall out. it's very strange. and it's uncomfortable but doesn't hurt as such, it just feels heavy all the time now, and i feel like i need to pee a lot.
i don't think it's cystitis as it doesn't burn when i pee and i don't pee a little bit- it's always a lot.
i am on the pill, i don't know if that could have anything to do with it?
i am 17 years old.
has anybody ever had this? or can anybody sugest what it might be?
i may go to the doctor on monday if it isn't any better, or if it gets worse...
but until then, can anybody shed some light on it?
it's just annoying and uncomfortable
thank you
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couls it be bruised through sex? cos me and my boyfriend had lots of quite rough sex on tuesday and it started on wednesday morning...
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there's also been a tiny bit of blood in my urine. i assumed it was spotting for the pill, but it could be symptoms of a bruised bladder?

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