Ideas for A level Computer Science NEA

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Finn Heughan
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I'm really struggling with ideas for my NEA, I study Business, Computing and BTEC IT

Any suggestions?
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Since you're studying business, perhaps you could write the kind of business management app. A lot of businesses use software packages to manage things like sales, finances/accounting, customers, products, inventory, purchases, employees, etc. There's a lot of real examples you could get some ideas and inspiration from like this - (If you google for "ERP" then there'll be other examples).

Alternatively, maybe you could make a similar kind of app for managing a school/college, or a student timetable app, or an app based around some kind of club or other hobby you're involved in. Other ideas could include creating some kind of mathematical/scientific problem solving app or simulation. (e.g. simulation of DIjkstra's Shortest-Path algorithm. Or the "Shunting Yard" algorithm to solve BODMAS expressions, etc.)

Whatever you choose, make sure you find something which is complex enough for A-Level, but also not so complex that it needs you to spend many hundreds of hours writing the code. The kinds of things to look at could include:
  • Use a SQL database to store some non-trivial structured data in 3NF, and use that data to build some more advanced SQL queries. (e.g. an app creating reports for month-by-month sales,revenue, profit, etc.)
  • Build the app using a web framework using something like ASP.NET(C#/VB) or Flask(Python)
  • Implement some common "OO" design patterns - for example, if you're using a SQL database then it could be helpful to use an OO pattern called 'Repository'
  • Create a user identity (authentication) system with security measures (e.g. password complexity check, max failed attempts, password reset, etc.)
  • Implement your own encryption/hashing algorithm for storing passwords and performing user authentication.
  • Implement some kind of authorisation system for different users with different roles who need access to different parts of the app (e.g. salesman, manager, system admin, etc.)
  • Allow the app to send e-mails over SMTP - e.g. Maybe the app could send an e-mail warning to the manager if it realises that a salesman has sold something for less than the cost to purchase, leaving the business with a loss (negative profit) on that item.
  • Connect the app to someone else's API - e.g. maybe get the app to post to Twitter

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