Uni students how long do u take to go through a lecture

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I'm in the Optometry foundation course and it's taking me ages to go through one lecture! It is horrible! When I look at other students that are not even in foundation year they can fly through a lecture and here I am sitting down trying to understand a lecture which takes me at least 5 hours. I'm certainly doing something wrong. Thinking and reflecting however, I have had a history of anxiety and overthinking. Definitely feel a lot healthier now with life but maybe it is still affecting my studies so for example I read a word I don't understand I spend literally at least 30 mins trying to understand that word.
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Econ student here.

Fully depends on the module/lecture. For a lecture i found difficult, I'll probably spend an equal amount of time going over the lecture as I did actually in the lecture. For one i found easier, maybe For every hour in the lecture, 15-30mins of self study.

I think your issue is prioritising what to go over and how to go over it. Learn to recognise what you actually remember from the lectures, rather than going start to finish. Going over the lecture again should be to memorise key terms, definitions, formulae, diagrams etc. You should be fine tuning the more complicated elements of the lecture and filling in the gaps of things you either didn't understand or zoned out for.

Remember, if you don't understand a word or concept, start at its simplest form and build from there. If you go straight to a uni level definition without an understanding of basic elements that form the definition of the word or concept, you're going to have a very hard time getting your head around it.

Best of luck!

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