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I'm writing htis letter to my local MP and perhaps a few more organizations. I'm really quite poor at writing letters and I'm not sure what else to write or how ot word this correctly. Can anyone help, please?

To whom it may concern,

I’m a 17 year old male attending the [school] looking to volunteer at your office during the summer.

I’m extremely enthusiastic about politics and [political party] in particular, it’s a party that I’m feeling more affiliated to as I mature and as my understanding of politics broadens. I am a hard worker and am prepared to do anything that is needed of me from clerical tasks to research.

I realise that my age can be a deterrent for the placement but please understand that unlike many people my age, I am genuinely interested in politics and am choosing to look for work experience in politics rather than get a summer job at a retailer.

If it’s not possible for me to help in the office, then I would greatly appreciate it if you could email me if there’s somewhere in [political party] where I could be of use.

I’m available from August 1st till September the 1st.
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It looks good, I'm no good at writing letters either, but one thing I noted - last line, never use the word "till", say "until" instead.

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