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Hi everyone.
I'm starting AS Physics in September, and out of the 3 sciences I'm least confident about it.
What were the new, most challenging things to learn in AS physics, compared to GCSE?
I was hoping to get some books over the summer and study a bit, so that I won't have too much trouble in September.
(predicted A* for separate award Physics GCSE, so my ability shouldn't be too much of a problem, I'm just not very confident and would like to study beforehand so I don't get overwhelemd in Spemtember)

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Well, if we don't know what board you're doing that could be difficult as there are different topics on different boards.

I can't talk as i was the same before my AS year, but personally i wouldn't bother doing work over the summer, just enjoy yourself. The step up to AS is practically none existant at the start and very little extra work over the summer will of been of any use (in my experience).

The only stuff from my course that may have slightly more difficult to understand or visualise for the first time (such as "Quantum Behaviour") would be best if it were explained to you by a teacher first - if you have a competent teacher.

If you really want to learn some of the syllabus (because i find it likely that it is the quanity of work at AS, not the content that could possibly cause you difficulty) then i suppose the best thing is to get the course textbook/revision guide, though this again would be better if you know what board you're doing.

If you do start looking through stuff and you have any specific questions, do feel free to ask on here

*Sorry, this is a long post which doesn't really answer your question :p:
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Quantum behaviour is quite hard and the different types of diffraction. Although you will find that in the exams most of the questions are just calculations.
I found the classwork quite tricky due to some difficult concepts but you dont really get asked about them in the exam so I found the exams quite easy.

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