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Well well well, we meet again Chat bints.

Anyways, thought i would give ye all an update on some changes appearing to Chat.

As some of you may know, I'm Martin (or LPK) and i'm the mod who mostly deals with Chat peeps. I haven't been around much lately and the other mods are scared of you all so prefer only coming in here at random times to check on you.

Now that i have returned (yays!) i plan to get Chat back on top again. This includes tidying the place up as some of you are using it like a mass PM system, and i shall have none of that. :hmmm:

Anyways, just an ickle warning that Chat is now going to be monitored a lot more once again, and any threads that aren't open to any member will be removed. Chat is for everybody, and cliquey threads aimed at one or two members are going out of fashion now.

This probably sounds so stuck up and lameeee (and i know most of you hate change), but i am making Chat a luffly active place for everybody. At the time of making this the first page of Chat looks uber fine, but i'll be keeping an eye out.

Hopefully i haven't scared you all. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
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