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When I was young I was quite quiet so didn't make many friends until 6th form I came out of my shell and made some friends. I left there tried making friends at my part time job but it never worked out as the guys always wanted to date me or people were just concerned with drinking and not making friends. Went to uni but got involved with some nasty girls who *****ed about everyone. I only had a few friends after graduation and one guy from outside of uni blabbed all of my personal secrets to my worst enemy.

Now I told my boyfriend about my friend who recently bumped into an old school acquaintance and she gave him her number and that I didn't think it was right. My boyfriend said 'you are too picky no wonder you have trouble making friends'. I thought this was harsh as he never let me finish that the guy was and still is a drug user and the fact that my friend didn't want to give her number but felt pressured and she found him completely weird. That same friend also is trying to forge friendships with people we didn't know at school on facebook. My boyfriend says he has recently joined friends reunited and messaged people he went to school with and also didn't speak to.

I am quite miffed at my friend and boyfriend cos they have criticised before how people on the internet are paedophiles and murderers, I had tried to make friends from the net but never met up with them due to my friend and boyfriend’s judgemental comments yet it’s ok for them to be friends with strangers from school. I am so unhappy at the way I have tried to make friends and it has backfired.
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I personally thought you were a little picky too. There are people who I knew of at school, and thus, knew they could be trusted, but that I didn't speak to for particular reasons. That's not to say that people shouldn't be weary of people that they think they know, but at the same time that you cannot be overly weary. Not everybody is a murderer or paedophile, and strangers go out with each other all the time (and, on the evidence I see around me, stay together).

That's not to say that you're a poor friend or girlfriend either. There are always people who are cautious, and I think it was over the top to say anything after the 'you're too picky' comment. Personally, I'd have stopped there and turned it into a joke.

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