Nursing And Midwifery Council UK New Online Registration System

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Hey Members,

Good day to all!

I'm writing this in regards to some queries of mine regarding Nursing and Midwifery Council of the UK.

I have registered myself on to the new online system of NMC UK and paid £140 also I have cleared my CBT(Test of competency part 1).

But now I'm stuck with second part of application.

They have asked me to submit health, character, practice/training evidence. Which I have already submitted. But now they are asking me to do the payment of £153 so that they can check the evidence for me. Also they are providing an option that I can also Pay it after clearing my OSCE (Test of competency part 2) but here my questions raises as below:

How do I get further information if asked by NMC for any of the submitted evidence if I'm far away from my country?
Also if I'm not able to clear my OSCE then?
I'm almost investing £2000 on to my VISA process and I think it will be a risk for me?

In previous process according to my friends they are getting Decision letter which is simply an invitation to come to UK and give OSCE.

Now if I pay for £153 from my home country do I get the invitation for OSCE from NMC? So that I can be sure that I have cleared my assessment stage with NMC?

If any one here have completed this or been to the UK after completing the process with NMC UK with there online registration system can you please help me in this.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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