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I have a computing science project coming up and i have no idea what to do i want to do something using primarily Software Deisgn and Development and with either database or web dev as integration
Please leave some ideas
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Depending on what language your allowed to use you could create a game, a webpage for a company, a database plus searching. You could do anything stretch yourself and have fun!
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Whatever you choose, make sure you pay close attention to the mark scheme and projet guidelines to make sure that you focus on having something which is complex enough to meet the requirements for A-Level standard, but not so big that you need to spend hundreds of hours just writing the code. (The report is worth more marks than the code).

The kinds of things people often choose:
  • A "management" system which for some company/organisation/club/etc which works with records stored in a database and gives users the ability to view/search/add/update/delete those records, or get charts/reports. For example, student/college database, business management system (customers/products/sales/etc.), library/book-keeping system, etc.
  • Clone of some kind of popular mobile app - e.g. a social media app, chat/IM app,
  • Scientific or mathematical simulation - e.g. dijkstra's shortest path algorithm, physics simulation, etc.
  • Some kind of arcade game - e.g. space invaders, battleships
  • An app based on something that interests you or that you do in your spare time

Look for ways of including some of the other material you've covered in the course in the app. For example:
  • User login with some security measures - e.g. password complexity, password expiry, automatic lockout with invalid attempts, password reset, etc
  • Hand-written algorithm for encryption and/or hashing to store the password securely in a database
  • Structure your code using 'OO' concepts and OO patterns
  • Non-trivial database structure with different relationships and foreign keys between tables, and data stored in 3NF
  • non-trivial queries to generate results from the database
  • Hand-written algorithms and data structures.
  • Splitting the app between client/server and writing networked code (e.g. creating a web server to communicate with over HTTP)

Once you've chosen an idea, make sure you put plenty of time into the analysis - this'll be an important part of the report for marks but also for helping you elaborate on all of your ideas so that you can clearly define what the app needs to look like, how it needs to work, what it will do, and what your users expect from it, etc.

It helps to spend a lot of time thinking about this stuff before begin writing any real code (although prototypes and throwaway code are useful). It's difficult to write code for something if you don't really understand what it is that you're actually building.

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