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It's doing my head in at the moment because I struggled to settle in London first time around and am commuting to London over the summer before one of my dancing buddies gets back from abroad to find a new place for the next academic year.

The problem is that the constant moving about over the past few years has made it very difficult to settle anywhere and make any new friends. At the moment the commute steals 3 hours a day out of my life so leaves little room for anything in the evening. (That should change come September).

What didn't help was that last time around, I threw myself into meeting lots of new people through various things but found I didn't seem to connect with anyone - partly because with all of these things you'd get a different crowd every week and after a while, you get tired of having to explain your life story all over again only for them to disappear.

People from my school/college/uni days (I'm in my late 20s) all ended up taking very different routes to wherever they went and most that I'm aware of have changed to the extent that there's very little that we have in common other than place of study. (Mine was the sixth form generation that graduated a year before mobile phones, email and the internet really kicked off - enabling people from school days to stay in touch.)

Needing to break away from church and suffering from an anxiety disorder quite badly during my university years really didn't help things and I refer to those as my "lost" years.

I guess I'm just lacking a sense of..."belonging" to somewhere or something.

On paper, all's going well - I got my 2:1 from a red brick university in a "respectable subject" (which should please Daily Mail readers out there ) and am now in a high-flying career (Civil Service Fast Stream). Yet despite having had some of the most amazing experiences over the past few years, it feels that there's no one to share them with - close friends or otherwise. People seem to drift in and out of my life all too easily.

So...yeah...just needed to get that out of my system really.

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