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You could follow up your query; that would be reasonable since it's been a week and you haven't heard anything. But you're may well be right in suspecting that you'll have to wait until A Level results come out before they can give you a firm answer.

Basically, each university is trying to get a specific number of students onto each course. If they get more or fewer than they intended, it'll have awkward funding implications. But, due to the way the UCAS system works, they won't know until A Level results day whether or not they've hit that target. They'll have made conditional offers to lots of applicants, some of whom will have accepted them as their first choice, others as their insurance.

So, when the A Level results come out, it's possible that the course will be oversubscribed (e.g. imagine all the firm choice offer people got their grades and all the insurance people missed out on their first choice so ended up there, too - the place ould be positively awash with students! Silly example because of course it's more complicated than that, but you see what I mean). If that happens, they'll be unlikely to take you.

On the other hand, things might go the other way. The firm choice people might all get lower grades than they anticipated, while the insurance choice ones achive their grade for their first choice unis and go there instead. In that (rather extreme) scanario the uni will have a lot of places to fill and will be much more prepared to consider you for one of them.

If you're an International student paying International fees, they're also likely to be keen to accept you if they can, because, frankly, you're worth a lot to thm financially.

At this time of year, there will still be a lot of administrative staff around (all of them working frantically on behind-the-scenes stuff). Academic staff are probably a bit thinner on the ground.

I think it would be perfectly reasonable to contact them again, and politely follow up your query. Ask them whether there's any further information you can provide or anything you can do to help them make their decision. And, since what you really want to know is whether they'll be able to make a decision before A Level results come out or not, there's no reason why you can't ask them that, too. Just say that you appreciate that other applicants' A Level reults may have a bearing on their decision, and ask whether they'll be able to make a decision on your request before this date, or not, and if you have to wait youll look forward to hearing from them. At least they you'll know whether or not you have to wait.

Good luck!
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by how much did you miss your grades??
if you did three APs and they wanted
and you got 444 then they will still consider you, i reckon if you got 543 they will as well. But if it's something like 443 or 433 etc then the chances are less...
im in the same situation as you, but am not intl...and sadly have missed by miles :p:
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You need to call the admissions tutor as soon as possible!
There is a chance they will say its a definate no or a yes, or they may keep you hanging on for a little longer.

You won't know until you've called though....
Try and make sure you are contacting them between 9am-5pm here though as they are more likely to answer the phone.

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