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so I've just started A-level (year 12) and was thinking whether i should get the CGP textbooks and workbook.

For GCSE I was failing my sciences quite badly and I eventually bought the cgp science workbook (but no textbook) and my grades were saved from all the past papers I did (ended up with 8/7 from 4/3 at start of yr 11). The workbook worked so well with freesciencelessons on youtube. So because of this, I'm thinking of getting it for A-levels too.

I'm doing chemistry, biology and maths.

I already have maths, already has helped me make sure I know what I'm doing and corrected some of my misunderstandings from lesson.

Chemistry and Biology were subjects I changed into weeks into the term, so I'm still catching up.

Should I get the textbook? Are they worth it? I have the bulky textbooks online but I sometimes find those overwhelming. Should I get the CGP workbooks? I know the past papers aren't going to cover everything but is what is included good for what it's trying to make me practice? Or is it just a waste of money?

Also, the textbooks have books for Y1 & Y2 (£7 each so £14)or the one book with both years in (£16), which one should I get if i do buy them?
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CGP textbooks help me a lot. I would recommend getting the 2 separate ones as one will be more basic and one will be more advanced so will help you getting through it in order.

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