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I don’t really know why I want to talk about this, but I’m just in bed and can’t stop wondering about differing personalities and values.

For example. I know that if I see someone crying at work, it irritates me because it hinders my shift running due to having to deal with the issue. However, if I see someone crying in the street/toilets etc, I find myself talking to them about it before I realise I am doing.

I’ve been doing a little research, and a lot of places state that most people are both selfish and selfless.
I like to think I’ll put myself before anyone, would never die for anyone, but will also always put myself in someone else’s shoes when analysing a situation (such as the time I passed toilet paper to a girl in a cubicle who didn’t ask, but I just knew there was none in there and wouldn’t want to be in her position).

I feel like it’s me against the world, that nobody is as smart as I am (which I know isn’t true, I just mean the people who surround me, family, friends, colleagues etc), but then I’m also so lax. If I choose a restaurant but a friend disagrees, I back down, and I don’t know if that’s because I think that it’s trivial to argue over or because I care about the friend. It’s scary to think it’s probably the former.
Sometimes I don’t think I care about anyone, but then my friends message saying that they’re upset, so I take them out on a drive to talk.

I’m just a walking contradiction.

I’m not really asking a question, I just wondered if anybody else is really in touch with who they are and could share experiences of their traits.

A side point: the cause of this sudden obsession is my rewatching of the vampire diaries. Since their personalities are enhanced once they turn, I began wondering what mine would be like. I suspect overly conscientious and cynical.

What would you be?
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this is like an early 00s green day album
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Everyone's like this. You're not a walking contradiction, you're just human. We're all as similar and as different as each other.

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