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So ever since April my body has changed and I have know idea what’s going and it’s frustrating me till. I’m know hypercondriact I’m sick of hearing people saying I am but I’m not.
I used be thick lean bulk. And now my has Body turned into skinny fat and I’m sick looking like this and feeling like this.
My back looks skinny my thighs look skinnier and even if I were skinny jeans it still looks baggy. I always used feel hungry and be able to eat roast dinners and burritos and 6 eggs omelette I know seems a bit much but that’s what I used to eat every day.
And know I don’t feel hungry even if I haven’t break fest but I have to eat. Just used to be able to enjoy eating a lot of food now it’s like 2 meals a day.
Went to get tested and it said low thyroid but doc says it’s normal and low vitamin d I’m getting all the symptoms from low vitamin d brittle hair and hair loss where my family have thick full head of hair l, heart palpitations, shortness of breath and no I don’t have anxiety used of smoke a lot f weed though. less hairy
Please has anybody had this before I want to be back to my old self
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did you buy a car recently?
my friend used to walk everywhere, used public transport a lot, remained skinny lean - then got just a bit flabby after first car

another vaguely possible thing was did you have an illness recently that required a course of oral antibiotics?
sometimes, they can cure you completely of the illness, but at the same time eliminate your 'you' microbiome microbiota (the trillions of mostly healthy bacteria/viruses/fungi that comprise a big but mostly unknown part of our immune system and affect our body response to everything)

some probiotics might help, can't really hurt - of course - suggest you talk to the pharmacist whilst buying these things, they can be very helpful
https://www.boots.com/boots-digestio...sules-10149720 about £8

and another random thing, easy to achieve is a thread-worm deworm, probably not needed - but it's simple, one tab now , one in ~10 days
https://www.boots.com/boots-pharmace...blets-10033263 also £8, talk to the pharmacist.....

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