Park Lane College placed the blame on me! Watch

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I have been at Park Lane College Leeds for two years and I've been happy in those two years.

Before the biology practical exam in May, there was a Thread enquiring about the content of this exam. You may recall the thread helping us revise the areas we need to. We all helped each other in what to revise and what to look over in suttle clues we recieved from our teachers... nothing too serious.

I posted on this thread one night after my biology teacher randomly taught us how to produce our own water baths and it, by coincidence or not - you decide, appeared on the exam.

Now I got pulled in at college and BLAMED for the fact people moderating the exam had now launched an equiry in Park Lane College Leeds and accused them of cheating, taking statements from everybody :confused: My head of A-Levels covered it up with some ******* about a gas leak... which I KNOW isn't true :mad:

I feel honoured that my comment was included in the article by the bbc:

but I find it totally unfair that I got blamed for this! Plenty of other people had hints and posted them! Anybody else think the same?
..Northern Soul
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Ouch, im goin there possibly next year just as a part time student, but that story doesn't encourage me.
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Well if you didn't have what college you went to in your profile then the blame wouldn't get to you, they can't just ignore it.

Although, it's ridiculous because you didn't do anything wrong.

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