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So I’m shy, but generally I’m alright talking to my uni flatmates. Except there’s this one guy in the flat who is really loud and shouts a lot... he’s actually a nice guy, but because I’m so anxious, whenever I’m in my room and want food from the kitchen I usually wait for ages when I hear that he’s in there. Usually I can hear him from my room, he blasts out music and shouts a lot. When I’m actually in the kitchen with him he’s really a good person, he’s funny just a bit loud and confident which is fine... But when I’m in my room and can hear shouting or very loud laughing I just can’t bring myself to leave my room to socialize... and I don’t really know why? I’m very shy, and he’s the flatmate I talk to the less so I’m more awkward around him. I need to leave my room more, hiding isn’t gonna help my anxiety and shyness. Practice makes perfect so I want to try socializing as much as I can... But I do hide in my room quite a bit, especially when I hear loud laughing and shouting. When it’s quiet I usually leave my room to go cook something in the kitchen, and when everyone else comes in I’m not as anxious. I just can’t walk into social situations as much, especially when the social scene is very loud. On the whole, my flatmates only really seems when I’m cooking in the evening... It’s the only excuse I can think of to go to the kitchen (the communal area). After cooking and eating I usually stay chatting for a bit before the conversation dies down and I get a bit more awkward not knowing what else to to say, then I head back to my room. I make sure to socialize with my flatmates at least once a day, but I really need to talk to them more throughout the day... I just get really shy and can never think of a good excuse to go to the kitchen other than to cook, sometimes I go to make some tea but only if I can’t hear anyone on there. If there’s just one or two people and they’re not being very loud, I can usually bring myself to go and say hi... but I desperately need to improve. And this loud guy, I need to stop being so anxious hearing him in the kitchen!
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Unknown and new situations and people are often reasons feel self aware and will bring on shyness. I think almost everyone feels this to one degree or another and as a result will find it hard at times.
The fact you recognise it and you're trying to work on it is awesome! It's just about keeping it up and working on it. I'm not going to lie it will take some courage and it won't always be perfect but every little helps and the more people also know you the easier it will get

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