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Exams are just finished and the partying is coming to an end and it's around time i started looking into making my UCAS statement.

I'm preety good at selling myself and throughout this year i have done a decent amount of work in the school, including Young Enterprise, and last friday was given the role of Head boy

My only problem is, my grades. In GCSE i totally pissed about, and didnt put my full effort in and as a result got not too great result's, B's and C's.

After researching into Psychology Uni's getting in i need to get around a B in math's GCSE meaning i'm going to need to retake it.
And an AAB in my A levels, although i'm currently predicted a CCD, i have full confidence i can easily prove my school wrong and get the high grades i need to get into uni.

Back to my concern, The subjects i choose this year have been a big mistake other the Psychology. Media is taught so badly at my school, and after going into ICT a-level i now despise the once loved subject.

My exams went awefull this year as well. My media wasn't too bad, but i'm not getting my hopes up for a decent grade. My ICT went suprisingly well as this years paper 2 is almost identical to a 2004 paper i recently tested myself on before the exam, a massive help!

My psychology grade, however is going to be dismal. During the exam my contact started playing up so insanly badly, and resulted in me experiencing ALOT of pain i informed the examiner during the exam and removed my contacs, but being the fool i am didn't have backup glasses on me. My eyesight is preety poor, my right eye is 3.25 and my left 3.00. so half way through my first paper, i was interupted with this and through the rest of my exam that i made a feeble attempt on, had blurred vision and horrible pain in my eye.

After my exam i had a chat with the examiner and he told me he would see the chief examiner about my situation, and i have also told my subject teacher after the exam so hopefully, even when i get my pathetic grade from it i will still be able to go through to A2 and re-sit the AS papers next year.

Back to my UCAS statement though, i am really worried as i feel that universities may through my application aside when seeing such poor grades at AS.

Next year (year 13) is going to be one hell of a year for me, I am going to take Psychology into A2, and do a sociology coarse AS & A2 in one year, and if my 'wonderfull school' would get round to doing the timetables and giving us them, another subject or possibly 2, maybe take media in A2 if things look a lil better then i expected in my results.

Any advice on my situation would be great. Thanks

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First of all you don't need to declare your AS grades on your UCAS form (I heard this was due to change but, as far as I'm aware, it hasnt' yet - I may be wrong). You only need to declare the AS' you've cashed in (such as ICT which, yes, isn't great). Universities will go by your predicted grades but this is a problem.

If your school really are going to predict CCD, and put this on your UCAS form, then universities asking AAB are very unlikely to be interested no matter how much you think you will achieve the grades required. Are you sure that your school will predict CCD? Also how can they predict CCD when you may be only taking one of your AS subjects to A2 (and do two fresh subjects, potentially, subjects where you have no work on which to base a prediction). Anyway, much of it will come down to your AS grades but if you have a work with your teachers and are able to demonstrate your determination to improve your predicted grades and be a little more optimisitc. I still don't think they'll predict AAB/ABB though.

All is not lost. Resit maths at GCSE (it really shouldn't take too much effort to get that B) and take a year out after your results. If you manage to get the AAB/ABB in psychology, sociology and media/new subject apply to universities then. If you don't get the grades (but aren't far off) resit the exams. If you're a long way off your grades then you may need to be a little more modest in your uni choices.

It just seems that, with the poor predicted grades, no B at GCSE maths and what may be a significant change of subjects in your A2 year you are unlikely to get offers. Certainly not the top unis you must be thinking of applying to.

I would also be a little concerned about your subjects. ICT shouldn't be a problem if you're dropping it at AS but media isn't the most respected of subjects. Combine this with two social sciences (sociology and psychlogy) your application may not be the strongest. Still, these subjects are unlikely to be blacklisted so I may have concerns over nothing.

Are you really sure you can cope with A2 Psychology and possibly two intensive A-levels in your final year? Also, without confusing matters, do you have any work experience/voluntary work appropriate to psychology?

Oh, and finally, about that exams in which you experienced sight problems. I would not rely on the examiner and your teacher to inform the exam boards. THey are unlikely to do anything without medical evidence anyway. I'd go and see your GP and get a letter, take this to your exams co-ordinator at school as soon as possible.

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