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Just recently, partner and I have gotten into some money problems. And it's only now I've realised how proud he is.

A little bit of background. His father is head of a successful accounting firm, and there is a fair bit of money in the family. My partner's mother died when he was 10, and since then the father had raised him an the brothers alone. He's very much a 'mans man' and has taught to boys to look after their money.

My partner moved in with me at the start of this year. During May, we starte to stumble over money and run out pretty quick. Since then, I've said to him several times to go back and ask his father for a loan. But he's avoided it, instead attempting to get a bank loan or borrow from his brothers.

He's now gone to his dad and asked for money, but he says it was one of the worst things he's had to do. He's also asked my mother if he can stay here (at mine) rather than moving back home when I go to uni. He says it would be shameful for him to carve a life for himself out of his house, and then have to go back.

Now, this is so abstract to me! I would have no worries about asking my parents for money, and I certainly wouldn't worry about asking if I could come home again!

Is a male thing to be this proud? I couldn't imagine it!!
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No, well at least it isnt for me or any of the males i know, its just the way hes been brought up seems quite a old traditional way, nowadays parents seem far more caring and willing to help, my parents are more than willing to support me financially

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