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Should I stick with a few of my flatmates I get on with pretty well, or some people on my course I've become friends with? Thing is the group I would stay with in my flat would also include one other person I don't know... I'm also a lot less shy around my course friends. My flatmates are also very loud and more confident than me... But at the same time, they're really lovely and I already see the people on my course at uni, dunno if its a good idea living with them because I'd be seeing them like 24/7. If I live with a few of my current flatmates (and some other person) at least it would be a good balance. But my course friends have so much in common with me and I'm so much more comfortable around them. But theres this one person in my flat in particular who I really get along with, hes extremely loud, hilarious and confident around everyone, but because I'm kinda shy and easy to talk to without judging he talks to me a lot more about how he actually gets really anxious which is why he acts so confident since hes scared of how people would judge him and stuff. I would kinda feel bad leaving the flatmate house sharing group for the course group since we get along pretty well, but I'm still pretty shy around him although thats just how I am... But honestly if it weren't for him being in the house sharing group, I would probably stick to my course friends, the other flat people are lovely but I don't talk to them as much... And there will be someone new, what if we don't get along? Plus this flat group really likes drinking and partying, I get pretty anxious at parties so I dunno, I don't really drink either... My course people have everything in common with me which is why I can be myself more around them, but still I would miss living with these flat people, especially that one guy. But still, right now living with all my flatmates I hide in my room quite a bit, I just get really anxious hearing everyone partying and drinking. But I wouldn't be living with everyone in the flat, just the ones I get along with the most. But even they get along so much more than I do because I'm so shy... When I do come out of my room its usually when its that one guy I get along with the most, I'm very awkward and shy around everyone but I find I can comfortably keep a conversation going with him for quite a while, hes just really easy to talk to and very reassuring. But I don't know if I should stay living with this flat group just because of him, then again I'd miss him a lot if I lived with my course friends next year... Hes on a different course so I wouldn't see him much if I don't house share with this flat group next year, I could meet up every so often with my old flatmates but it wouldn't be the same, and if I was meeting up with them it would probably be for parties and I get very awkward and uncomfortable going to parties. I'd also just miss generally living with these specific flatmates, they're very tidy and just really nice.

But my course friends... Unlike with my flatmates, I'm completely myself around them because we have everything in common. They're really nice and I'm so much more comfortable around them. It would be really fun living with them, they don't drink and party either so we would be spending more time just chilling and watching movies together... But I already see them all the time on my course, do I really want to be living with them and seeing them at uni, just being with them 24/7? But I would be a lot more comfortable... Also I'd feel like I was missing out on whatever they do when they all house share. But I would miss these flatmates...
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What is your question? :confused:
"Who would be the best choice of flatmates" or should you consider moving out of your flatshare to move in with uni friends.

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