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Got a crush on this one guy who is amazing and living in my university flat atm... He asked if maybe I want to house share with him and a few others from our flat and other flats, 6 of us... I dunno if I should house share with them JUST because this guy will be there, but I will actually miss him so much if I live with other people. Sure I could always visit him along with the other people in the house but it would probably just be for like pre drinks and clubbing... Not like living with them and just chilling throughout the day cooking and stuff. But I don't really talk to the others in the group I would be living with...
OR I could live with a few people on my course who are still looking for people to live with them, these people I get along with very well and we have everything in common. But I see them at university every day anyway, if I don't live with them its not like I won't see them again... Unlike the flatmate group… But the only person I would really definitely miss is that one guy! If it weren't for him I would definitely choose to live with my course friends in the second year... Should I really live with the flatmate group just so I can have more opportunities to hang out with this guy? I'm very shy so it takes ages for me to be myself around people, which means if I'm not living with this guy I'll never get to be completely confident talking to him. Since we're not doing the same course I'd probably never see him... I'd be too shy to ask to see him, wayyy too shy, and besides he has lots of close friends hes made, I get along with him well enough but hes a lot closer with the other flatmates. So I guess I should live with my course friends? They're amazing, I'm not shy with them because our interests are all the same... But I'll see them all the time at uni anyway. Do I really want to cut myself off from my flatmate group? At least if I live with them I'll get to hang out with two separate groups, a good balance maybe? But then again... I know the only reason I want to live with these people is because of that one guy. Hes just an incredibly nice person, but hilarious at the same time and just really confident. And very reassuring when I look like I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable in social situations (I'm very shy). I don't know...
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personally i wouldn't think it's a good idea to live with someone you're interested in, especially as you're not going on. your crush on him could fade and then you'd be stuck in a house with him + the other people, which you've already mentioned you're not sure about

tbh in my opinion it's best to just live with friends you get along with

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