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HI, I’m just looking for a bit of advice. My grades won’t be good enough for a university to take me for pharmacy.
Long story short my calculator broke in one of my maths exams I wasn’t given a replacement, this was an exam I would have had to get a good score on too. I also screwed up another maths exam.
I re sat all my biology exams and screwed up an A2 one badly. Also my chemistry papers suffered as a result of the larger workload all at once.

I have applied to Wolverhampton as my insurance as my family were insistent as it was local. I don’t really know what’s going on with it, they sent me a letter which said they only had to meet one demand and then they would be fine. I was never too keen on putting it but I can ‘be released and reapply elsewhere local if they take my application’

By the sounds of thing I can release myself and hope to get in elsewhere but they are not obliged to make me an offer???!!!
There is also a shady sentence about how I could start pharmaceutical sciences and then transfer in the second year to an accredited Mpharm course??!!

Anyway with my grades likely to be below those acceptable I’ve been considering contacting my first choice which is DMU and asking to be offered a place on or biomedical science with the aim to do well enough to transfer. This was something I discussed in detail about how applying for a less popular course could be the way forward.
Do you think they would offer me the course straight away without having to go through clearing? And is this a sensible move?
Would anybody know if pharmaceutical sciences would allow me to transfer to year 2 of the pharmacy course?

I have been very busy as of late and the Wolves thing threw me as I thought they could have sent me an offer for pharmacy which I could have always kept as a back up. I was hoping not to leave it any later and was going to phone sometime tomorrow.
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I see from your option list you have put Bradford down. If you are willing to go further afield i would look at UClan and Liverpool JMU - i know for a fact LJMU has lower acceptance grades usually. You could always call them and explain the Wolves situation, but i suppose everyone (pharmacy community) has heard about it by now.

The only problem with doing a Pharm Science degree, to get into the MPharm, is that you usually have to get over 60% in your first year of Pharm Sciences to transfer onto pharmacy. And even if you do get over 60% you might not get a place as they could go to people who got better grades than yourself.

You could always do what i did. I really wanted to do pharmacy so i went back to college and resat an A-level so i could get into a school i wanted to. Got accepted at Cardiff and Manc... but wanted to go to LJMU in the end, haha... oh well! I also finished off some AS levels in that third year so i had millions of A-levels and points so it was easy to get onto the course i wanted.

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