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I am a vegan university student living in London and I’ve noticed that each week I spend just under £45 on food (sometimes even more). I’ve been spending so much because I eat meat replacements every day, because that’s what my parents cooked me at home, and I occasionally eat out/have a takeaway. I’ve managed to cut down on the cost by spending less on drinks, but I think I should spend even less.

I eat a lot, and my evening meals usually consist of a meat replacement (e.g. veggie burgers or sausages), rice and vegetables (sometimes spaghetti instead of rice and vegetables). I usually don’t snack in between meals because I eat a lot throughout the day.

I never learnt to cook so I’ve just been recreating the kind of meals I ate at home. I honestly have no clue what else to try to cook. Every time I look at a recipe online, I feel overwhelmed because I don’t own any of the ingredients, nor do I even have that much space in my cupboard to store them (I brought far too many cooking supplies with me). I question what kind of meal I should even try to make as a beginner cook.

I was also wondering what a good amount of money to spend per week is. I know that some people manage to live off £15-£20 per week but I don’t really know how they do that? Do they just eat the same meal multiple times a week? I suppose my main questions are: what would be a good food budget (seeing as though I’m living in London)? What are some cheap and easy meals I can try making? Also, bear in mind that I’m interested in healthy eating and want my meals to be nutritious.
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I spend £25-30 plus take out/meal out...

I don't think that amount is unreasonable but I depends how much you care about food, you could go for veggie only options, eat lots of filling carbs and cheap extras if you don't care too much but id be miserable if I did that!

get a vegetarian cookbook... you'll have to spend a bit on stuff like herbs/spices/basics to begin with but eventually you'll have them all and will just need your basic ingredients
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Cook meals in batches and either eat them within a few days or freeze the other portions. I had the tiniest freezer shelf in uni and filled it primarily with tupperware!

Cheap meals you can cook in bulk to make your money go further:
- Spaghetti Bolognese. One pack of Quorn mince and a jarred sauce would make me four portions. Add some spaghetti to that and good to go.
- Curries. There are plenty of vegan curry recipes out there. Cook enough for 2-4 people and freeze the rest. Eat with rice.
- Soups/broths. If you've a big enough pot you could make 6 portions at once. Could eat with bread.
- A vegan lasagna could make you several portions too. Easy to make with Quorn mince, jarred sauce, etc.

Could go on but I hope that's got you thinking.
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