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Remember how you all felt before you came to University? Worried and nervous, wondering if you would make friends, be able to manage the workload etc. What if that worry has become a reality for some students? Can I ask everyone to just stop and spare a thought for others around you is there anyone who is being a bit left out/isolated is there someone you could offer a hand of friendship to? I challenge all Bristol Uni Students to go out there this next week and do something kind, include someone in your groups that perhaps you haven’t up to now, smile and say Hi to someone new, be considerate and friendly to those students with additional needs such as the disabled. Bristol Uni already has a poor track record in terms of Student happiness/mental Health let’s change that. Let’s make sure there isn’t any students secretly suffering we are all adults now University should and deserves to be fun for everyone let’s work together to ensure it is.

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