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I’m 16 (turning 17 in 2 months) and I’m 5’7” (I haven’t grow at all in the past 5 yrs). I actually hit puberty early with my height reaching 5’4” - 5’5” by the time I was 10 but I started growing body hair when I was 8 (I had complete body hair and a beard by the time I was 13, but that’s probably just cos of my Pakistani genes).

A lot of people I know my age have not only grown taller than me but have a lot more muscular and defined body types than me, whereas I’m between like skinny and slim, so that plus height is something I’m insecure about.

The last thing I’m insecure about is my p*nis size... its 4in soft and only just nearly 6in hard (it’s nearly 2in thick but idk if that helps). This year in high school i found out (in PE changing rooms) that a boy 2 years younger than me (and no body hair) had a much larger p*nis when it was only soft (about 6-7in when soft and I’m not joking). If u don’t believe me then there’s also my cousin who’s only 1 year younger than me but is not only taller (also no body hair), he has well defined muscles and abs as well as another really big p*nis (i saw it recently in person cos of a weird encounter at his house wen I went to say hi to him in his room).

So yeah. I am 100% body hair at 16 but have no other features that make me even significantly masculine. Im mainly just insecure about my height, my p*nis size and me having too much hair. Should I really feel insecure or wat?
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Hi, its brave of you to come on here and say all this. Does it feel better to get it off your chest ? All I would say is I am 32 and looking at what the boys at school and college looked like vs what they look like now is SO different those that were hot then are defo not hot now ! You can only focus on the things that you can change easily, making sure you are healthy for instance (you may look tall and have a giant penis but could be smoking 100 a day) and you exercise, this could give you more confidence in your physique & knowing what you are capable. You mention you are slim build and that is great, but that also can change at the drop of a hat if you don't look after yourself. I think everyone would prefer to be slimmer than chunkier its better on your heart ! Hairy wise, some people cant grow a beard !! if you are so bothered by it go to your GP and they can look into hair removal if it is effecting your self confidence or it could be a hormonal thing I don't know im not a doctor ! Get through a few years however you can, and then you can enjoy life, I hated school and PE etc but now I really love life Hope this helps !
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Hmmm. Similar genes to you so I’ll try and help with what I can. Try and get a body groomer and do regular shaving, it’s a pain but ultimately I think you’ll feel better for it. Commit ur focus to exercise alongside your studies. Once you reach your target body whatever that may be, your confidence will skyrocket I assure you. With the whole Penis thing, I’m not really sure what to say because I have no sexual experience, but I wouldn’t worry about it. I don’t believe girls are so shallow as to choose whether to be with you or not solely based on that factor. Also from what you’ve skas it’s not like your small or below average. If this alone doesn’t restore your confidence, then become good at oral as if you excel at that it sort of mitigate the **** thing if you see it as a major problem. Height isn’t a major deal imo. Yes, girls like tall guys, but you’re fairly close to average height and if you find a girl shorter than you than I can’t see there being a problem. I really hope this helps, you’ll come into your own someday soon

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