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Hi All

I have just finished my first year at university. Next year, I have decided that I would like to live on campus, after commutying from home this year. I have applied for student financial support in the usual way and my application has been approved. This includes provision for the payment of tuition fee loan of £1145 for 2008 / 2009 and a maintainance loan. which my financial notification letter says that I am entitled to £3944.00 during the academic year. This is income assessed.

I have contacted the students loans company and they have said that they did not have me down for living at university. I have therefore signed and returned the CO1 form to indicate a change in my circumstances, which I have sent to my LEA. However, they have said that they do NOT have me down as living with parents and that my entitlement includes accomodation costs. However, due to the extended nature of my accomodation cotract and the ensuite facilities, it is costing over £3000.

I have just enough to cover this with my maintainance loan, but would have very little to live on, considering it is self catering. I have considered working during term to get a bit of extra income, but I still don't think it will be enough. Do you think the SLC has made a mistake? I didn't live in accomodation this year, so don't know whether everyone has found themselves in a simular position.

I have already signed my cntract, which is regarded by the university as legally binding.

I would be grateful for any advice.

Please help!

Many thanks

Have a good summer
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The only options are:

Living Away or Living at Home. You obviously put living away and thats how much you get, they don't give you more because you live in an expensive area or want ensuite.

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