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So it's November already and I will be appearing for my AS Chemistry, Physics and Maths in May/June 2020.
And I have to say, I'm really struggling a lot in Chemistry and Physics. I'm getting pretty low marks in class tests, especially in Chemistry.
First of all, my Chemistry teacher is not so good.
The books by endorsed by CIE are either difficult to understand or sometimes, lack useful explanations. So basically, I'm having a lot of problem with Chemistry.
I'm also lagging behind the syllabus. I'm about 4 chapters behind the class. And thinking of starting all over again to strengthen concepts of previous topics too.

So, do you think it is possible to start now, and be prepared before the exams in May?
Also, can I please get some useful tips. If someone struggled as well, can you please tell me what did you do to get better?
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If you are that far behind maybe ask a different teacher in that department for help saying that you were finding that topic difficult to understand and that you "want to try a understand it from a different perspective". Remember, your parents are paying the teachers to teach you, and so if the current one you have is not explaining the concept in a way you understand, maybe ask to switch classes? I sometimes fall behind or don't understand topics and so I would use the holidays to review any past topics that I didn't understand and focus on the current topics that I am working on now. There are some really useful summaries on the course published by CGP which have summaries of the specific exam board for you course, so maybe buy one of those? I did really badly in a bunch of tests a couple of months ago and bought one of their practice questions books as well to help me improve.

If you prioritise A levels and keep your goals in mind then I am sure you will be prepared by the time you get to your exams. Hope this helps

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