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Hi guys and girls!
I'm not exactly from the UK but I really didn't find any other forum that'd help me with my question - thanks to anyone who's running this site
I have the following problem: I failed my first year at UNI due to health issues in the first semester (having your scoliosis fixed is a hell of a problem ). I'm now fixing 4/5 subjects from the first semester and doing one from third semster extra (from the second year - the UNI gives us a chance to do some extra work if you didn't mess it up really bad) and all the subjects I passed were graded higher than 7/10.
I'd now like to enroll in Erasmus+ exchange in 2020/21 but I see that you gotta have 7.0 or above grade average to even be accepted... Was there anyone that encountered the same issues in his study time? I think that Erasmus+ enrollment office won't care about why I failed my year and I don't even know how they calculate your grade in a situation where someone failed.
Any advice or some people with the same misshapen?


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