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It goes without saying that my first attempt at a GYG blog in Year 11 was much like my work ethic... sub-par to say the least. Hence the title: GYG 2: The Redemption. The webpage will not be cast aside, flung to a corner by my flimsy, exhausted, gym-less arms. No, this GYG blog is going to be as great as my AS Level results - absolutely fantabulously amazing!

My shambolic work ethic at GCSE didn't stop me from getting good grades
Art - 9
Biology - 9
Business - 9
Chemistry - 9
English Lit - 9
English Lang - 9
French - 7
Media - 9
Maths - 8
Physics - 9
R.E - 9 (done 2018)

TL;DR - 9 9s, 1 8, 1 7.

but I paid out a lot of nights no sleep panic, tears, conversations with my mum about how I don't know why I left it this late and how I didn't think I could do it, *stress* and I think I went to bed at 5 am the night of my English Lit paper because I hadn't revised any poetry at all.

I don't want you (or me!) to make those mistakes because it was complete hell - so anyone needing help/ advice/ reassurance that it's not too late - I'm here for you my good people. Consider this a local meeting ground for all students, far and wide, to converse about the messes we've made (and how we're still going to get better!)

For my AS levels:

I'm aiming to get straight As - I'm doing Maths, Econ and Chem. MANIFEST UNIVERSE!!!!

Negl I don't know what the highest grade my school gives out - I think it's an A - but whatever it is - that's what I'm aiming for!!

I know I can't do that without hard work so I invite you to watch me as I post about my journey (which is sure to be similar to a ride in a tumble dryer) - warts and all. Feel free to post your goals for this year too, and come back and let me know how it went!!

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best of luck:hugs:
how are you finding your subjects atm?

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