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What is the difference between case studies and examples? ive got the case studies but which examples do i need to learn? Im doing GCSE AQA geography
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A case study is basically a really big example, you take almost the whole topic and view it in a particular context. In our school we look at case studies over many lessons, first looking at each concept and then applying it to the case study.
An example on the other hand is just for one concept so you can write about it in more detail and put it in a context, and we spend only a single lesson on it.

To better illustrate the difference between a case study and an example, let me use an example (!) :
In the topic Changing Economic World, we looked at a case study of economic growth in an LIC or NEE; in our school we looked at India. We also looked at an example of how tourism affected economic growth; in our school we looked at Gambia.

When we studied Gambia, we looked at a single concept in particular: tourism, how it aided economic growth, and that's it. We did it in one lesson. It's unlikely that you'll be asked about one of these smaller examples in more than one question, but it might be a 9 marker.
When we studied India however, we looked at many factors to do with India's economic growth: its changing industrial structure, the influence of transnational corporations (TNCs), its trading relationship with the wider world, the economic aid that India receives, and how all this has affected the quality of life.

Hope you see the difference in that case studies are many concepts put into a context, but examples are just one.
If you need any more help feel free to DM me.

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