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Hi guys,

I have my intelligence analyst trade specialist interview coming up soon. I was wondering if anyone had been through this and could give any insight of what to expect on the day or give any advice on how to prepare. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi!! I had my Spec Int not long ago and passed!! Id be more than happy to let you know what to expect..

Basically the experience is more of an informal assessment i'd say. The Spec Int for me felt like it was equally as much them informing you about the trade as it was an assessment of your suitability. You will learn some cool things about the trade, dress smart, and the written exam is nothing to be worried about if you have common sense... the food is nice and so are the WO's and other Int An/O's you meet. Get there in good time - ask questions and look like you are interested! I have wanted to go into the forces for a while and to me i found the experience so fun. You stay in a block - got to make your own bed and go get new sheets in the morning have breakfast and be ready to give your presentation for 8/8:30. The presentations are really not as bad as I imagined it to be - you just stand at the front of the room and speak for 5 mins about your chosen topic! The food there is pretty good and so is the junior bar... PLEASE do not do what i did and forget to pack a casual outfit because when everyone is all casual; and you are sat there suited and booted.... it looks a little odd haha.

It gave me a quite a nice insight to what i was expecting. However due to the nature of the role they cannot really tell you everything you desperately want to know. I asked plenty of questions about DV clearance, Halton and other aspects which the OPAIC course was able to answer. If you want service... good luck... I had one bar of 3G in my room and sat in my car for a good hour so i could call my mum on 2 bars. There really is not anything I didn't enjoy on the Spec Int.. I made a couple of friends and we have the same PRTC / RTS dates! Good Luck! I'm sure you will smash it. Just be confident of yourself....

One last thing. During other peoples presentations, ask questions!!! this is important.... and obviously in the group discussion... TALK!
Hi, where did your Specialist Interview take place?
Thanks :smile: