In last 40 years area bigger than the size of Europe has been deforested worldwide.

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I am not being a hypocrite, I know we chopped our forests down years ago for the life we have now, civilisation, jobs houses e.t.c. so I am not saying other people around the world shouldn't have the same.

It is just a shame that we have cut down the rainforests. Within the last 40 years we have deforested as much rainforest/jungle worldwide that is bigger than the size of the whole of Europe. Rainforests covered around 14 % of the planet 40 years ago, today just 5.5% is forest cover and that is rapidly declining.

The Amazon Rainforest is drying up and we almost lost that toextinction a few weeks ago, also it is near a critical tipping point where it is unable to sustain tiself and heading down a point of no return vast areas are converted to savannahs.

Borneo anoher example, the whole Island was almost completely forest around 40 years ago, now it is majorly palm oil and being converted and developed into human populated cities and the new Jakarta replacement capital is being built there next year as jakarta is sinking they are building new capital in rainforest.
Apparently only 23% on rainforest remains in Borneo and that is just scattered remains
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