Anaesthetic ST3 application anxiety (long post alert)

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Hi guys,

Just looking for some words of wisdom from those who’ve already/recently been through this.

I’m a core trainee currently at FRCA primary exam stage so anxiety levels are running high as you can imagine! I’m also trying to get an idea regarding ST3 applications so I can increase my chances of getting a place.

However having looked at the ST3 self assessment scoring for 2019 has made me feel completely depressed. Basically, there are a lot of categories where I score 0-1 for example I didn’t take an F3 and did core anaesthetics so that’s a 0 for out of specialty experience. I haven’t got publications/scientific research. I have done audits and teaching but again in order to score anything more than 1-2 in those categories significant achievement seems to be needed.

And in all honesty, just trying to pass the FRCA is taking enough toll on my life and mental health let alone trying to pass exams for other specialties to score points on an application. I also don’t want to give up the little family time I currently have outside of work and studying and other life commitments to do even more medicine related stuff.

I guess I’m just wondering if anyone here has managed to get an ST3 post (I’m fairly flexible geographically) without a super awesome CV, lots of research and impressive presentations and years spent in other specialties? I think I’m just finding it hard spending hours-days-weeks revising for exams while thinking I don’t stand a chance of getting a reg number afterwards.

Sorry for the long post and thank you to whoever read the whole thing!
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If you're flexible geographically you're probably reasonably ok. If you don't get in first time then you'll be able to take some time to build up your application. Remember that the interview makes up a big portion of the application, so there is room to compensate for a less-than-stellar pre-interview score.

I got one of the most competitive deaneries (Oxford) without a particularly amazing profile, though with a few more points than you will have.

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