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(Original post by RogerOxon)
No, it doesn't, as we had everyone voting, with no selection criteria.
By saying what you have you imply some type of standard to qualify to vote. You have since confirmed this to be correct in #20, now that's is why I said "Depends where and how we measure bright and informed". Which It most certainly does,

1) How are you judging qualification to vote?
2) How are you judging how informed a person is?

I think you are travelling a dangerous path in what you are suggesting. londonmyst has already corrected your voting qualification statement you made to me, so I wont say anymore on that.

From what I can see you have tried to make a smarty pants thread and fell flat on your face! It isnt ridiculous that stating holding a referendum, with remain in all bar name vs remain is undemocratic. It also isn't ridiculous to state, the majority of parliament have promised to honour the result of the referendum! Furthermore, they have since been re-elected to on a promiss to leave the EU and respect the referendum!!! Its not undemocratic to state these clear undelivered mandates, must be met. But it is ridiculous to claim that quote,

Half the electorate having below average intelligence, doesn't help,

This is because no matter what measure we choose or how high the standard gets, half the electorate will always be below average intelligence!
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