Edexcel A-Levels Maths and Further Maths Cash-in Problem Watch

Jiji Sand
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What can I do to unlock the unit in maths if I retake the unit in further maths only?

I already cashed in for both maths(C1234,M1,2) and further maths.(FP1,2, S1,2, M3,D1) and got A*, B respectively. If I retake S2 and get above 75% AND replace D1 in further maths to M2 in maths, I can get A*A in maths and further maths. (With new combination maths in C1234 M1 D1, further maths FP12 S12 M12)
But if I keep the old combination (M2 in maths and D1 in further maths), I cannot achieve A for further maths even if I get 100% in S2.

In this situation, Can I enter early REcash-in for both maths and further maths? Or just enter late cash-in like what you’ve mentioned?

Or Is it even possible I first apply for early cash-in for both maths and further maths and IF edexcel does not recombinate the subjects and got A*B the same, then I apply late cash-in again?
What can I do to unlock the unit in maths if I retake the unit in further maths only?

I would really really appreciate on your help.

Asking this due to crippled school exam officer. He doesn’t know anything. Ha.
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Simply put, you cannot re-cash in. You need to resit the modules within Maths and within further maths to increase the grades / UMS

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