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Hi, I was in a long relationship with my GF. We were getting along fine and were going through life together tackling schoolwork, our social life and being together. We started A levels together and it was hard to see each other as we are doing different subjects other than maths. We were continuing to meet up when we were free, and every day had long and mostly good conversations about thing but what was the most important was we both knew and agreed was we didn’t mind how we can’t spend every second together. We in no ways controlled each other’s lives but we were together and happy and spent time building our relationship and spending the special times together in our busy lives.
A few weeks ago, I was really struggling with mental health and schoolwork. We talked and where I had supported her in the past, she supported me. I got a bit better but wasn’t great and then we had some space from each other after fell far after some really tough days thinking about what I wanted, the people around me and debating things I had done as I don’t think of others before myself and never look back. To make things worse this led into our school break so I couldn’t speak in person. We got back and that was over in short.
Don’t know what to do as I love her so much as she is the most amazing, beautiful, kind, smart and loving person I had ever met and she had loved me so unconditionally in the same way back.
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Having a hard time following how your relationship even ended... :confused:

Just seems a bit arty farty teenage philosophy thinking too hard with such a small brain which destroys all your relationships. Tell her you want to do some Christmas shopping on the weekend if she'd come and help you pick out presents and basically say from the outset you've been a massive **** and want to try get things back on track if she's game to do the same. You simply can't waste any more time overthinking things. Brutal honesty here. If you have a great and long relationship with someone, stop ****ing about and putting it at risk, bottom line.

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