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I have these 2 essay question for homework that’s due in about 2 weeks time and I’m just introduced to philosophy and I’m struggling. I took this module as requirement. Need some help with philosophy essay writing structure and what are the key points. Really appreciate any help I could get.

1) Outline the Kalām Cosmological argument and discuss one objection to it. How convincing do you find the objection ?

2) Why might someone deny that god is a person ? Do you think there are advantages to deny this ?
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Note I am agnostic/ atheist who doesn’t do philosophy for A level (but got full marks in the Scottish higher exam for religious, moral and philosophical studies) but here’s an evaluation of these arguments unbiased:

1) I know the Aquinas cosmological argument (which is probably about about the same):
Everything that exists was caused by something else. This chain cannot be infinite therefore there must have been a first cause (who is God) and so God started everything that exists (the universe). The problem with this argument however is that it contradicts itself, as why should the “first cause” be the exception, if everything has a cause then there can’t have been a first cause as this would have had to have been caused by something itself, so the chain of events must be infinite. Also it does nothing to prove the nature of this first cause, the first cause could have been the Big Bang, or an inanimate object (like a rock). But of course how can anything be infinite? Time to our knowledge cannot be negative so there must have been a beginning (so this can argue in support of God creating the universe). Or you could say that’s Gods eternal so he could have created an infinite thing.

2) God is omnipotent, omnibenevolent and omniscient (all powerful, all loving and all knowing). These are traits no humans have. God is said to be perfect, no human being is perfect. A human should try and become as god-like as possible which means God cannot be a person otherwise he would be initially imperfect like us. Therefore this is an advantage to denying Gods a person, as if you said he was one you’d be saying he isn’t perfect and doesn’t have his perfect traits. Also if u wanna get biblical look at the book of Genesis (assuming Christianity is part of what u r studying), in it God punishes humanity making them flawed as they are unable to live up to his standards and are deceived by a serpent (God is too intelligent to be deceived, as he is perfect), once again showing humans are flawed and since god is not flawed he can’t be like us. Basically just look at ways in which humans aren’t that great and you’ll be able to show that if you called God a person you’d be saying that he is not perfect.

Of course, if u need counter arguments, you could say being human and being a person isn’t the same thing. We are humans, humans are flawed but being a person doesn’t make you inherently flawed, rather it allows you to feel the good emotions we feel. If God wasn’t like us surely he wouldn’t be able to truly understand us, and so how could we ever become God-like? Also Jesus was the son of God / God in human form, yet he was good and perfect, so to deny Gods humanity could be argued to be comparable to denying Jesus’ existence.

If you’d like me to elaborate or add anything just ask. Note I just made these up of the top of my head, not sure if there are certain things you need to cover, but you could use these to make balanced arguments and do better evaluations.

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