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I really suck at politics but I don’t know who I’d vote for if i was old enough to vote. Definitely not conservative, labour is really good apparently because they’ll help fund the NHS and that means more doctors/nurses and less waiting time for appointments right? I really don’t understand the benefits that each party would have for the country, i only really know about labour and politics is really confusing to me. Some of my friends at school support Lib Dems but why?? Is Labour the best and could they win and what are their proposals??
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At the moment, Labour (Left wing) are promising everything and anything that would help working-class people, regardless of the cost to the country. It is certain that they will do anything to help the NHS (they built it in the first place - it's one of their biggest achievements, so of course they will protect it). However,
Labour are also currently promising lots of very-expensive/very-difficult-to achieve-things, some of which are contradictory - eg loads of new council houses and that they're going to make Britain carbon neutral in the next decade (scientists state that this is impossible) - thus it is very very likely that very few of these promises will come true. Also - they state that they're going to get rid of student fees and try to imply that they're going to get rid of student debt (but again - very very unlikely that this will come true). It all sounds very expensive and improbable, and we know from past experience that they're willing to put the country in debt in the process.

Conservatives are the opposite (Right wing). Help the rich get richer (and perhaps help stabilise the UK economy in the process). They don't care about working class policies and are happy to privatise parts of the NHS (selling sections of the NHS to large private American firms) and it doesn't really matter if it all goes up the pooper. They just keep repeating 'Get Brexit done' (by popping it in a microwave?).

Liberal Democrats (Middle) are the middle ground - so they would protect the NHS, but they also have achievable policies for the environment, housing, ect.

For anyone who is unsure, I'd always recommend the Greens. Even though it's unlikey that they'd get in, by giving the greens a greater majority, it would give greater awareness to pressing environmental issues.
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