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Hi all,

The “Work History” section on the UCAS application form can be really useful for your application - even if you feel like your employment history is irrelevant or scarce! I have listed some tips on how to best utilise this section to support your application.

Leave no job out - whether a job was part time or full time; short term or long term - it will add value to your application.

Chronological order - the best way to order your jobs is by the date you started them, starting with the earliest.

It all counts - There are many UCAS applicants who say they have no work experience at all, when in fact it is likely they do, even babysitting counts as work experience! For mature students, who are likely to have a longer work history, fill in ALL your jobs, do not leave any of them out or stop at a certain date/year. Show off all the hard and soft skills you’ve gained and save characters on your personal statement.

Duty Details are key - Never ever leave the “Main Duties” box next to each job empty or only add minimal details. Fill this box on each job with the duties you performed and the skills required for each role. If you’re struggling to fit in all your soft skills (things such as communication, leadership, teamwork, time management and multitasking) on your personal statement this is the perfect place to get them in. This box is helpful for courses where these skills may be useful or required and also saves on your 4,000 character limit on your personal statement, so use it to its fullest.

Need help? If you’re struggling with finding soft skills for your jobs, check out a site such as ResumeGenius. They list soft skills for different job roles and you can then relate them to your work experience.

Paid work only - Volunteer work does NOT go in this section, it goes in your personal statement, that’s why making the ‘Main Duties’ box work to your advantage is important.

Finishing up - Once you’ve completed all the details for a role, press the blue button to add more work history or the bigger blue button to complete the section if you’ve finished - and there we go, another section completed on your application form!

Good luck!
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