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Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me identify the issues in this scenario? I can see economic duress not sure about anything else. Any help would be must appreciated

Richard entered into a contract with Usman for the building of a swimming pool in Richard’s summer house. Usman owns a small business “Dolphin” which primarily deals with designing and building swimming pools, therefore, he had no problem in entering into a contractual agreement with Richard.
The agreement was that Usman would build the large swimming pool by 15th of May 2019 just in time for the summer season. Richard was expecting guests; therefore, it was very important for the agreement to be honoured and the pool to be finished on time. According to the contract, Richard agreed to pay Usman £6000 after the swimming pool was finished. This was a fair market price and it was carefully negotiated between the parties prior to the contractual agreement. The contract was concluded and all the rules on the formation of the contract were followed by the parties.
On 15th of April, Usman told Richard that he would break the existing contract if Richard did not pay £1000 more. Usman said that the prices had gone up and it would only be fair to ask Richard to add £1000 extra for the job. After some consideration, Richard gave in and reluctantly agreed to pay £1000 extra, therefore, totalling £7000 for the swimming pool. Usman finished building the pool on time and Richard enjoyed his summer with his guests.
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You need to start with whether there is consideration for the agreement to pay more before you look at duress. Look at Williams v Roffey.

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