What do you guys think of Khalistan?

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The Khalistan movement is a Sikh nationalist movement that wants to create an independent state for Sikh people inside the current north-western Republic of India. Such a state existed in Punjab and Western India from 1709 to 1849. This Sikh Empire had its capital in Lahore, Lahore Pakistan.

I am personally against this as my mother is from India. They have burned down the India flag in order to get their own country. Instead of fighting for something more useful, such as ending poverty, they are more worried about getting their own country. What do you guys think?
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The khalistanis seek to create khalistan, a sikh religious theocracy state.
They are religious fanatics- not nationalists.
Those that are members, supporters or financiers of the outlawed babbar khalsa group are terrorist criminals.

Since my childhood, I have enjoyed the hospitality of so many practising sikhs including the strict traditionalists of sikhism.
I come to southall every year to celebrate vaisakhi; the atmosphere is amazing and very welcoming to all.
My friends father is a retired sikh priest who has dedicated nearly all his adult life to opposing the khalistanis; he saw most of his family murdered at amritsar during operation bluestar massacre in 1984.

I do not deny the appalling treatment that some religious groups and elements of the indian political establishment subject people with sikh heritage to in india.
Vicious sectarianism, caste bigotry and often slanderous lies about kidnap/rape that have ruined the lives of law abiding sikh men.
But the khalistanis and their lobbyists seek to exploit genuine anger about multiple issues to bolster their own agenda for the establishment of khalistan.

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