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What is the best way to revise and remember things in biology?

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write down everything you remember about the topic without your book and then look back on the things you forgot until you can get all the details down
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(Original post by Charbot)
What is the best way to revise and remember things in biology?
Hi there Charbot

I found revision was much easier once I discover what type of learner I was. The best way to revise depends on the individual and its important to understand how best you revise.

Study SMART Not Long: It much easier to implement a regular and successful study schedule if you are studying SMART.

o Set yourself goals.
o Make study techniques that promote greater results.
o Ask for help.
o Reward yourself for progress.
o Take a Break.

S: Set yourself goals for study. For example, make up an exam/essay question and work towards answering it.
M: Remember VARK. Are you a Visual learner, Audio learner, Reading learner or Kinesthetic learner. Use study techniques that will promote the best learning for yourself.
A: If you are struggling with anything ask your teacher for help. Their job is to help you with your studies. Alternatively, use study guides or the internet to help breakdown tough subjects.
R: When you hit your goals, complete work and meet important deadlines reward yourself with treats. For example, make watching an episode of your favourite show your reward for completing tasks.
T: When you’ve finished studying take breaks. Go for a walk, hang with friends or get a cup of tea and watch TV. It’s important not to overdo revising.

I hope this helps,

Fi :horse:

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