Uber loses licence to operate in London Watch

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(Original post by nulli tertius)
Uber want to portray this as a two-way tussle between them and the black cabs; but it is a three way fight. TfL have been no friend of the cabbies down the years; trying to drag them, kicking and screaming , into the modem world.

When the cabbies lost the fight 20 years ago to keep London minicabs unlicensed and unregulated, the regulatory system was set up on the basis that the operators were on the side of the Regulator. After all, it was the minicab firms that wanted regulation.

Uber is the ultimate cowboy; chancing its arm where it can and the regulatory system isn’t geared up for that and doesn’t really have the tools to regulate cowboys. It can only drive them out of the market.
Yes, this is a really good point. You're quite right about the outlaw nature of Uber - it's taking advantage of the fact that no-one quite knows how to handle them and the current systems were designed in an age where ride-hailing services didn't exist. When Uber ends up getting 'banned' (because that's the only tool in their armoury) they can then spin a very effective 'People against Parliament' narrative.
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at least business ethics courses across the country will have a new case study

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