Which Psychology conversion degree to do?

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I’m applying for conversion degrees in Psychology next year and hoping to one day apply for the Educational Psychology doctorate. However, I’m unsure about which conversion course would be better, the Educational Psychology Conversion or just a standard Psychology conversion. For the university which I want to apply for the doctorate, they haven’t specified which degree is needed, they just want it to be BPS accredited and both of these degrees are.

I believe if I do the Educational Psychology it will make it easier to get relevant experience within that field rather than just the Psychology conversion. However, the university which does the Educational Psychology is in a different city. I would have to commute and it would take around an hour and a half. The Univeristy which does the standard Psychology conversion is in my city and would only take around 20 minutes to get there.

Will the Educational Psychology be more beneficial to me than the standard Psychology conversion? or will it not matter as the experience I get after the degree is the main factor for entry into the doctorate? Will I still be able to get relevant experience with just the Psychology conversion?

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