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Hi there, I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me the implications that we are having with Brexit as I have a very little understanding of politics and I wish to greater my knowledge and become more involved. And also a brief explanation on each party and what they represent. I understand that there may be too much to explain to me so I was wondering if there was a way I could find out or something I can do to keep up to date. thank you
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These are short YouTube videos about British politics which explains the structure and role of parliament and how it holds government to account, how laws are made, elections and your voice in parliament.

As for Brexit, there are clearly different viewpoints, false information and bias. I like The Week as it gives a synopsis of the different sides (The Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian and international press views). It's subscription based though but I think you can do a trial ---

Finally, party politics - I haven't seen any summary guides but Tutor2u shares ALevel notes on the core political ideologies but it may be overly detailed for your needs:
- Conservatism -
- Socialism -
- Liberalism -

The different political parties are all "broad churches" - ie each party membership is wide and members have different views on their core ideologies which can create tensions within each party. Here is a 20 mins video on UK politics which explains the different parties, their typical positions (left wing / right wing / centrist) and how the parties can move further to the right or left depending on the leader's viewpoint.

Hope that helps.

PS: Crash Course has a great course on US Politics but I don't think there is one on UK Politics.
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