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Hi, y’all remember me😂 so i saw Manchester and long story short I’m firming. However now a new question on accommodation. I saw 2 halls I really like, Unsworth Park and Denmark Road. Now i was always going to go with Denmark as i want to be close to ALI G considering I’ll probably live there loool and the Uni on foot and its really modern but the reviews keep saying the same thing: poooooor social life, insects in the bathrooms, heating systems are bad, walls have no sound proofing, some ppl had no water for a bit and literally its the same terrible complaints. I’m bad at socialising kind of so I’m a but put off by so many ppl saying you would need to work harder to make friends there and apparently the management is bad aswell
Now I’ve heard about fallowfield and how its the lively student campus which attracts ppl and is fun but as I’m studying law I don’t want to be too distracted and I’ve heard it’s more noisy there and party focused but i do want to meet a few ppl. I actually like fallowfield though and wouldn’t mind this but my main issue is the bus commute, I’m a big fan of walking as buses require preparations and less sleep and I’ve been told sometimes the queues are long and I’m not into that and i was told not to underestimate the privilege of walking to class.
Do any current students living in these places have honest opinions and any suggestions best on the details on what would u think is better for me, is the social aspect of Denmark Road that bad? Someone told me I could just go Denmark Road, meet ppl in ACS and freshers and meet more ppl in fallowfield if I know someone already there, that seemed sensible but anyway, is the fallowfield commute that bad? Does it demotivate u to go to class and like get work done? Oh and are the buses 24hrs? OPINIONS?
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