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My alternative manifesto for the Conservative party for 2019

  • Merge income tax and national insurance into one single income tax with threshold at £12,500
  • Replace VAT with a 15% national sales tax and local sales tax levied by local councils
  • £9.00 minimum wage for all ages, raise annually in line with inflation, looking into having a higher minimum wage for London
  • Council tax replaced with a property tax based on current day value of a home, levied by local government
  • Business rates replaced with a Commercial Landowner Levy based solely on the land value of commercial sites, levied by local government
  • 12.5% corporation tax rate, allow Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and local councils to have their own local rate
  • Reduce air passenger duty by 50%
  • Maintain current rates of capital gains tax and inheritance tax
  • Full devolution of income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Health and Social Care
  • 12,000 more Doctors and 50,000 more nurses
  • Integrate social care into the NHS
  • Local government to be responsible for NHS spending and the construction of new hospitals, funded by bloc grant by UK government
  • Free prescriptions, car parking and dental check ups for England, free dental care for children, students, pensioners and severely disabled
  • Set up a dedicated mental health service for children and young people

  • Replace the national curriculum with minimum curriculum entitlements
  • Bring back letter grading for GCSE exams
  • Political, business/economic and computing education mandatory for all secondary school pupils
  • Bring in a move vocational education system
  • Grammar and technical schools in every town in England
  • Counseling services available in all schools
  • All schools to fly the British flag and pupils to recite a pledge of allegiance to Queen and Country at the start of school

Higher Education
  • Replace tuition fees with a graduate tax system were students pay a 9% levy on income over £26,000 to a UK Higher Education Agency that funds degrees for students
  • Scrap interest on student loans
  • Bring back maintenance grants for students from low income backgrounds
  • End the 50% target for young people going to university, focus more on trades, apprenticeships
  • Ensure no A grade students misses out on a place in a STEMM degree, introduce bursaries for vocational degrees such as medicine, nursing, dentistry, vet medicine, engineering, teaching and expand places in these degrees

Communities and Local Government
  • Redraw local government boundaries to the 48 ceremonial counties of England, each to have a directly elected Mayor and elected Council to scrutinise the work of the Mayor
  • Local government to have significant powers over domestic policy, including control of their NHS budgets, policing budget among others
  • Local government to raise at least 50% of their funding, done with introducing local rates of income tax, corporation tax, local sales tax as well as property tax and commercial landowner levy
  • Remove alcohol duties from pubs to help curb their closure

  • 20,000 new police officers
  • Bring police jurisdictions in line with new local government boundaries
  • Merge the role of Police and Crime Commissioner with the role of Mayor

  • Police officers on patrol to wear duty belts that consist of a handgun, a Taser, an expandable baton, pepper spray, a set of handcuffs, ammunition magazines, gloves, torch and a two-way radio

  • Reinstate Stop and Search powers to the police

  • Merge the National Crime Agency, Serious Fraud Office, British Transport Police, Ministry of Defence Police and Civil Nuclear Constabulary and Specialist Operations Directorate from the London Metropolitan into a federal UK wide Royal Police Service

  • Reconstitute the Crown Prosecution Service as a set of local Crown Prosecution Offices answerable to Mayors for their success in securing convictions with the local Mayor having the power to order to drop a prosecution and be responsible for supervising sentenced criminals

Criminal Justice

  • Reinstate capital punishment as an eligible punishment for criminals found guilty of acts of murder, terrorism and child sex offenses, provided a unanimous verdict of guilt is agreed by a jury

  • Bring back powers for the Home Secretary to set minimum tariffs for criminals sentenced to life imprisonment

  • Three strikes policy for violent crimes, with a minimum 25 year tariff handed out for the third violent offense

  • Look into introducing a system of first and second degree murder

  • Fix Universal Credit and give appropriate funding to ensure it is a service that gives people a hand up, not a hand out
  • Maintain triple lock on pensioners and maintain all benefits for pensioners such as winter fuel allowance and free bus passes
  • Maintain two child rule on child tax credits

  • Make it illegal to child benefit for children who do not even live in the UK

  • Welfare to only be available for UK citizens and immigrants with permanent residency visas who have lived at least five years in the UK

  • Build over a million factory built modular homes affordable on a £26,000 annual salary
  • Replace green belt restrictions with a protection of specific zones scheme, ending severe restrictions on building and to help lower housing prices in key areas in England
  • Introduce new minimum-space and minimum-room standards for future construction of homes to provide extra space in homes which on average are currently the smallest in Europe
  • Abolish stamp duty for first time buyers

  • 100,000 annual cap on immigration
  • Introduce a regional points based system for immigration with regional specific visas for areas with low population and greater skills shortages such as the devolved nations and the north of England
  • All immigrants to be required to be fluent in the reading, listening, speaking and writing of the English language to immigrate to the UK for work
  • Deport all immigrants found guilty of a violent criminal offence after serving their prison sentence with life time ban on returning to the UK

Foreign Affairs and Defence
  • Spend at least 2% GDP on the defence budget, and increase spending annually
  • Increase the size of the armed forces by at least 25%
  • Build new aircraft carriers and buy new fighter jets
  • Continue the trident nuclear system at the Clyde, look into expanding it
  • Offer the citizens of the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands and Gibraltar a referendum on becoming fully British, with representation in the UK Parliament

  • Support the Boris Johnson brexit deal
  • Negotiate a UK-US FTA that will reduce tariffs on goods and services, reduce regulations, increase free market competition among key industries and freer movement for workers
  • Support the proposed CANZUK FTA that sees Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK cooperate on free trade of goods and services, foreign policy, constitutional affairs regarding the Crown and visa free labour/mobility for citizens which include retirement relocation, reciprocal healthcare agreements and travel protections modelled under the "Trans-Tasman Travel Arrangement between Australia and New Zealand

The Constitution
  • Reform the UK into a federation between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, each with their own Parliament, have a referendum on having an English Parliament or have strict EVEL, gradually move towards a confederal arrangement
  • Replace the House of Lords with an elected Senate of the UK with 300 members elected in thirds serving a single 15-year term
  • Introduce a Prime Ministerial line of succession for use when the Prime Minister resigns or is incapacitated
  • All political parties to have open primaries for the selection of parliamentary candidates in elections
  • Commons Select Committees to vote to approve appointment of government ministers, senior civil servants and senior diplomats

  • Amend the smoking ban to allow pubs and clubs the option of having smoking rooms
  • Support a legal, regulated market for the sale of cannabis for medical and recreational use and decriminalise use of all other drugs while toughening sentences for dealers and drug gangs
  • Devolve hunting policy to local government
  • Relax restrictions on firearms, including a repeal of the handgun ban
  • The national anthem to be played at all sporting events in the UK, including all Premier League games
  • Each UK nation to have their own national anthem, including England

Broadcasting and Digital
  • Privatisation of British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and Channel 4 Television Corporation, with the abolishment of the outdated flat licence fee
  • Reopen bidding for regional ITV/channel 3 franchises, look into introducing regional franchise bidding for BBC and Channel 4 before privatisation
  • Relax rules on party political campaigning on TV and radio to provide more healthy political debate in the country
  • Mandate Ofcom to ensure Openreach Limited and its network assets are equally by all telecom broadband operators in the UK
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Plenty I agree with and plenty I don’t, but in general it’s far to Americanised for my liking. I want a Conservative party who conserves British culture rather than one that imports it from America.

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