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Hello everyone!

I don't typically post stuff on here, but I need to spread the word about how awful this module is (if anyone finds this post lol).

For some context, this is a second year module and follows the Beginner Spanish modules 1 and 2. These modules were amazing imo. Well-paced, challenging enough without being impossible and they gave everyone a good basis for future learning. However, SPAU9B3 has to be the worst module I've ever sat. Rushed teaching, expectations to know niche vocabulary despite never being taught it and the introduction of 4 new (and complicated might I add) tenses means that you're bound to fail this module unless you dedicate the majority of your time to it. Since this was an elective for me, I'm not willing to spend most of my revision hours trying to learn the ins and outs of the preterite tense, especially when we barely cover it in the seminars and so don't even have a basic understanding.

This module also has a culture aspect. We learn about Spain's history, which is probably the only redeeming quality of the module, and then have to apply this knowledge in a critical commentary assignment and an in-class essay. First of all, the feedback I received from the critical commentary was not helpful in the slightest. Instead of offering constructive criticism, the marker stated that I had made so many mistakes and as a result it was hard to read (go figure - when you're not taught how to write formally in Spanish it would follow that you won't write a critical commentary well - who'd have guessed that one? :congrats:). However, they didn't point out how to improve on these mistakes or what to do to imporve for the upcoming essay with a similar markscheme. (That's quality feedback right there!!!) Although, it's clear from the feedback forms that the department isn't very receptive to constructive criticism themselves, so maybe that's why they don't give it to students. They responded to the mostly negative feedback by stating "we never said it would be easy". At the start of the module they said that previous students had said the jump between beginner and intermediate was way too big, so this seems to be a common theme that they refuse to address.

In conclusion, unless you need to fail a module for some strange reason, I would strongly advise that you don't pick this module in second year. For reference, in the first two modules I got a 76% and 84%, but now I'm looking at a solid 50%. I know that the second year modules are gonna be harder, and so I shouldn't expect the same grade, but a 50%? I doing a law module this semester too and I'm not averaging that low in that one. As dramatic as it seems to post this, I honestly don't want any other students to go through what I (and others I have spoken to) have been through this semester. I hoping that maybe a drop-off in people picking the module will get them to change it a bit (unlikely I know). This was a last resort though; we tried to help them improve it and they brushed our opinions aside. I know we don't know as much about teaching, but we sat the damn module - our opinion has to count for something.

(Shout out the Psychology department for being the best one - they're actually receptive to feedback from students and care about the quality of life students have when sitting their modules.)

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