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I have my Child Development Mock Exam Monday and I’m trying to revise. I’m going through practise tests and doing my best to answer “big mark questions” (4,6 and 9 marks) If anyone could help by attempting to mark this answer and Critique me it would be highly appreciated!

Betsy is four years old and meeting expected milestones. Ray, Betsy’s key person, is trying to encourage Betsy to play with other children.

Recommend two Ways Ray can support Betsy’s emotional and social development to meet expected milestone between four and five years old.
your response should include:
• The age appropriate milestone
• the appropriate resources/activities
• how these resources/activities support Betsy’s development

This is my answer;

Betsy should be able to develop close friendships with other children. Ray can support her by letting her be with other children at mealtimes. This will encourage Betsy to learn how to talk to other children thoughtfully.

Marks - 6

I know that I should include a lot more but I’m stuck for what I should do.


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