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The Macbeths - what do they symbolise? What does she symbolise in that relationship? What about him? Why does Shakespeare present them this way? Why does he make sure that they become estranged? What does this do to Lady Macbeth - what is S suggesting about women? Macbeth - dies too but it is a more dignified death - fighting til the last ... why did he kill him off ... is he being punished for both giving into the wiles of a strong woman? And also colluding, like his 'fiend-like wife', with evil? What motifs can you bring in? blood? sleep? seeds? animal imagery? time?
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I did Macbeth last year, so this is what I remember
The main protagonist is the tragic hero, as Macbeth is a tragedy play. The character of Macbeth is presented as a valiant hero as you see in Act 1, when he is portrayed as a warrior and a gentleman. However, as the play progresses, his ambition (his hamartia/bad trait) comes over him and leads him to his fall. There is the shift from Macbeth being called a valiant warrior to a "tyrant". The other characters, like Macduff, lose their trust in Macbeth and no one really takes his side.
Lady Macbeth presents the opposite of the typical Jacobean woman, who is meant to be inferior to her husband (as the Jacobean Era is patriarchal and traditional). She is cunning and has great power. In addition, she uses the supernatural to gain power; in a religious society, that would be looked down upon. As the play progresses, although she acts more cold after the death Duncan, she begins to feel the guilt and it leads to her insanity (in Act 5, Scene 1?)
The death of the two characters is (I would suggest) some sort of karma and is their downfall. They both went against the natural order (The Divine Right of Kings and The Great Chain of Being).
This play is a message to King James (who was the King at the time) to NOT be like Macbeth. Behaving like the tragic hero would lead to his tragic downfall.

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