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Well, i get why they low *kinda*
Okay so I came to the uk in year 8 so, i basically missed the sats and I was predicted 5s in everything. However the grades i am getting at the moment are 6-8s in most of my subjects except for French (no offense french ppl I like the baguettes but God ur language..) anyways so these grades are going to college and I will look like a absolute idiot, since they wont change it either and even in my personal statement (which I tried to make as professional as possible ) it still will reflect my grades .

Many people told me to ignore it and get the grades because want to work hard, and I am also pretty angry kinda sort of since the teachers act like really weird when I talk about exams and target grades.

Even at parents evening my EnGLiSh TEACHER LIED saying my writing was at a grade 3-4 (she doesnt like me) but, I did the assessment the day before so, she didn't mark it . Came out with a 6 but, I was worried AF! I got some extra help and even those teachers said that wasnt right.

Anyways HALp me ☆
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Gotta love a baguette🤤

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